Saint John the Baptist Chapel of Ease

The Chapel of Ease is located at #4691 on Route #127 at Chamcook, N.B., Canada. Postal Code: E5B 2Z4
(45 Degrees 7 mins 40 sec North Latitude and 67 Degrees 4 mins 14 sec West Longitude)

Under the rectorship of Dr. Jerome Alley (1819-1858) parishioners built this church in Chamcook, N.B.

The community of the time was rural but industrious boasting a grist mill, ship building, a fishery, saw mill, and an accessible harbour.




Service Times: Chapel of Ease


Sundays 2017

9:30 A.M. –   Holy Communion

First Sunday in June until Thanksgiving in October.

By 1841 parishioners had contributed 144 Pounds and 15 Shillings in support of construction costs for a church, and local master ship builder John Townsend donated land.

On July 16, 1846, Bishop Medley traveled from Fredericton and consecrated the new church in Chamcook, “Saint John the Baptist Chapel of Ease”.

The Chapel was built by parishioners from local red stone, field stone with the corners finished in grey sandstone.

The chancel/sanctuary was added to the south end of the original building in 1872 under the direction of Canon W.Q. Ketchum. This expansion changed the direction of the entrance from south to south west.

Electricity was installed in 1961 and by 1964 electric heating units were installed. Until that time, the Chapel was heated by a large woodstove located at the rear of the nave.


Map-showing Chapel of Ease, Chamcook and Area