History of Rectors

1) Rev'd Samuel Andrews

Service Period: 1786 - 1818 (32 years)

A graduate of Yale, a Loyalist and former Rector of Wallingford, Connecticut. He organized the parish, and ministered to all denominations in the Church of St Andrews.

2) Rev'd Jerome Alley, D.D.

Service Period: 1819 - 1858 (39 years)

A native of Ireland and former Curate of Islington, London. He had the church consecrated as “All Saints” in 1826 and oversaw the building of the Chapel of Ease in Chamcook in 1846.

3) Rev'd Canon William Quintard Ketchum

Service Period: 1858 - 1901 (43 years)

The first New Brunswick born rector. The present All Saints Church was built under his direction in 1867.

4) Rev'd Robert J. Langford

Service Period: 1901 - 1909 (8 years)

Born in London he served 26 years as a civilian Chaplain in India. Well regarded, he removed to Colorado for family health reasons.

5) Rev'd George H. Elliott

Service Period: 1908 - 1920 (12 years)

Served in Nova Scotia and then St Andrews. He introduced the envelope system of regular giving and removed to the Diocese of Massachsetts.

6) Rev'd Canon E. Bertram Hooper

Service Period: 1921 - 1927 (6 years)

A much loved Rector, he was a Major and Chaplain of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion overseas in the Great War and died of service related causes.

7) Rev'd A. Brock Humphrys

Service Period: 1928 - 1943 (15 years)

Born in London he ministered in Saskatchewan before removing to New Brunswick. During the depression he maintained the church fabric, organized young people’s activities and set up recreational facilities.

8) Rev'd Canon Joseph McAlden

Service Period: 1943 - 1961 (18 years)

Born in Norfolk, and trained at the Brotherhood of St Paul. He did much to restore the parish’s building fabric and stained glass, and raise musical standards.

9) The Venerable John F.N. Jones

Service Period: 1961 - 1994 (33 years)

Born in Wales and trained at the Brotherhood of St Paul after naval service. An energetic worker in church affairs and the wider community especially the Royal Canadian Legion.

10) Rev'd Canon John A. Matheson

Service Period: 1995 - Present

A son of Charlotte County, New Brunswick and a man of Harvard. The Rector maintains the traditional Anglican faith and formularies in this Parish. (More details)