150 Years at All Saints Church

In company with the Dominion of Canada,
All Saints Church celebrates its 150th year in 2017.

The first church in Saint Andrews was a small Church of England building situated on Church Lane, built in 1788 and called the “Church of St Andrews”.

It served the entire Protestant community of the town until the various denominations built churches for themselves beginning in 1824

Drawing of Old All Saints Church

In July 1826 the parish church was consecrated as “All Saints”. As the town grew and prospered the parish began to feel the need of a larger building.

By 1855 a building fund had been started and in 1858 Mr. George Snell, a prominent architect of Boston, was hired. With the enthusiastic support of the new Rector, William Quintard Ketchum, who arrived in March 1859, fund raising continued and land on which to build was purchased in 1865.

The original design was for a stone church with a spire, but this proved beyond the means of the parish, which chose, in 1861, to build “a timber church…of spruce and pine of New Brunswick”. The wooden model of the church on display in All Saints is probably from Mr. Snell’s studio, and shows the spire as originally intended.

In 1861 Snell’s plans were modified “gratuitously” by Mr. Walter M. Buck, civil engineer and railway contractor of this parish, to suit timber construction.

In 1865 further modifications were prepared to increase the church’s seating including working drawings prepared by Mr. Henry Osburn, a vestryman and general manager of the New Brunswick and Canada Railway.

The planned spire was eventually given up in 1883. The cornerstone of All Saints was laid by the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, the Honourable Arthur Hamilton Gordon in March1866 and work began apace.

The pulpit and other furnishings were brought from the old church in solemn procession on All Hallows Eve, October 31, 1867, the day before All Saints.

The new All Saints church was consecrated by the Right Reverend John Medley, Lord Bishop of Fredericton.

Over the years, priests and people have carefully maintained and upgraded this beautiful building, which continues to serve our parish and the wider community in so many ways.

Throughout 2017, we have an exciting array of events planned, culminating on November 5, when we will celebrate the anniversary of the church’s consecration in a special service.

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