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Anglican Parish Office:

77 King Street, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada E5B 1X7

Telephone: (506) 529 – 8662         Email: allsaints@nb.aibn.com

Organizational Details

The Parish of St.Andrews is part of the world wide Anglican Communion, within the Diocese of Fredericton of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Parish maintains the historic Anglican traditions and formularies as set out in the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, the Book of Common Prayer, the Ordinal, the Solemn Declaration of 1893 and the Declaration of Principles to the Constitution of the Diocesan Synod of Fredericton.

The Parish of St Andrews is a body corporate under The Anglican Church Act (Statutes of New Brunswick, 2003 ) with the formal name of The Corporation of the Anglican Parish of St Andrews.

The Parish Corporation is composed of the Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry. The officers are the Parish Treasurer, Vestry Clerk and Chapel Wardens.

The Corporation (commonly called the Vestry) meets monthly from September through June to conduct the business of the Parish.

The Rector, Church Wardens and officers look after the day to day affairs within parameters set by the Act, the Diocese’s Canon law, Parish By-laws and directions from Vestry.

There is an Annual Parish Meeting to receive reports for the year, elect officials, approve a budget and any new initiatives for the year ahead.

The Parish sends three lay delegates to meetings of the Synod of the Diocese of Fredericton which meets bi-annually.

Services in the Parish of St Andrews follow the Book of Common Prayer, Canada 1962.


Vestry Members   (Updated 2019)

Rector: Venerable John Matheson

Wardens: Tony Bastow, Nancy Carson

Church Wardens: Nancy Carson and Tony Bastow

Chapel Warden: Jack Bertke

Treasurer: Tony Bastow (acting)

Vestry Clerk: Norma Stewart

ACW Representative: Theresa Smith

Youth and Family Ministry: Nancy Carson will report to Vestry

Delegates to Synod: Tony Bastow & Steve Braithwaite

Synod Alternates: John Boone, Nancy Carson

Youth Delegate to Synod: Lionel Hayter

Youth Alternate to Synod: Samantha Hayter

Vestry Membership:
Nancy Carson, Julie Haynes and Eugene Gowan, Jr., Linda Walsh, Lionel Hayter, Piper Scalabrin, Steve Braithwaite, Bob Wallace and Elena Thompson.


Parish Committees

The Parish Committees are critical to the life of the Parish. Each member of Vestry is expected to take a lead role in one or more committees. Committees are encouraged to engage others from outside Vestry as required. Committees are expected to develop and implement their work plan and report on the progress at each Vestry meeting. The Rector and Wardens are automatically associated with every committee.

Budget Committee: Prepare annual parish budget with the treasurer; review the state of the budget and finances during the year; report concerns to the corporation with any recommendations; arrange for the preparation of the annual financial statements and reports for the annual parish meeting.
Members: Tony Bastow (Chair), Bob Wallace, Esma Taylor

Investment Committee : Meets as needed to review portfolio performance, recommend investment strategies, targets and specific investments. Interact with investment managers and monitor investment performance.
Members: Tony Bastow (Chair), John Williamson and Esma Taylor. Investor contact: David Merrithew of Wood Gundy

Building and Maintenance: Keep the state of the properties and buildings under review. Where feasible undertake minor repairs/renovations. Report need for major work to the corporation for budgetary approval, arrange for needed work and the annual upkeep of all church/ chapel/ cemetery grounds. Prepare maintenance and capital budget for Budget Committee. Keep insurance needs under review. Supervise sexton.
Members: David Lord (Chair), Steve Braithwaite, Bob Wallace, Jack Bertke,  and Mark Chase.

Glebe Committee: Meet as needed to review state of leases and relations with lessees. Keep under review land use policy, administration of leases, requirements for covenants in leases to insure building and property standards etc. and make recommendations thereon. Liaise with wood contractor as needed. Work to maximize revenues consistent with good lessee relations and environmental practices.
Members: Barry Murray (Chair), David Lord, David Crowther, Theresa Smith and Erich Raab

Youth Committee: Consider ways to serve the youth of the parish and involve them in the life of the parish.
Membership: Nancy Carson (Chair), Piper Scalabrin, Lionel Hayter and Samantha Hayter.

Stewardship Committee Identify ways to enhance stewardship in terms of Time, Talent and Treasure. From time to time, review and report on stewardship in the parish.
Members: John Williamson (Chair), Audrey Cline, John Castell, Mike Atkinson and Pat Deering.

Parish Hall Committee: Monitor the condition of the hall and its facilities on a regular basis and report to the corporation. Review and recommend revenue generating uses and levels of activity for the hall.
Members: Steve Braithwaite (Chair), Elena Thompson, Linda Walsh

Nominating Committee: Bring forward nominations for membership of the corporation and other officers or appointments as required by Canons.
Members:  (Chair), Bob Wallace

Spiritual Growth Committee: Promote and enhance spiritual growth within the parish. Members: John Matheson (Chair), 

Fellowship and Parish Life Committee: Enhance parish life
Members: Linda Walsh (Chair), Piper Scalabrin and Theresa Smith

Website Committee: Implement and maintain active Parish Website
Members: Norma Stewart (Chair), Helen Stephenson and John Williamson

Missions Committee: Enhance missions of our Parish
Members:  (Chair), Carol Gavaris and John Williamson




Useful Links

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Town of Saint Andrews, NB   www.townofstandrews.ca

Charlotte County Archives   www.ccarchives.ca

Anglican Parish of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

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